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What Is the Dental Sleep MBA™ Program?


How to build a practice you can sell for $3-$8 million.

Dental Sleep MBA is Coming to a City Near You!

Register for a 2019 Introduction to Dental Sleep MBA™ Event:

What’s the Difference Between the Introduction Event and the Full Program?

The Introduction to Dental Sleep MBA™ Event

The Introduction to Dental Sleep MBA™ Event is a weekend long walkthrough of the specific process and approach we use to generate our results. You will walk away from that with a COMPLETE understanding of how to do everything. For the extremely brave and the extremely motivated, that weekend will give you what you need to push forward on your own if you choose (doing this on your own is not recommended). This event is a prerequisite to be considered for the full program.

The Four-Year Dental Sleep MBA™ Program

The four-year, Dental Sleep MBA™ program is extremely comprehensive and actually guides you through the first four years of building your sleep business. During those four years, you receive access to all of our strategy, systems, training and one-on-one support in every area of your sleep business. Acceptance to the four-year program is by application only.